Monday, December 6, 2010

In honor of Canto Pop Queen/Diva and King:Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung

Anita Mui
Leslie Cheung

Since in I am in Asia,I have connected with some of the music,it is amazing how you can feel good music without understanding the language.As I was watching a preview from Astro Bio,about the legendary Leslie Cheung whom I have heard of,then I became curious of Anita Mui.I came across a clip in you tube of her final days,quite emotional and most importantly the most amazing thing is her stage presence.

Leslie Cheung is the Canto Pop King and Actor who sadly died of depression in April 2003.He is as well considered one of the biggest stars in Asia.

Anita Mui is one of the famous Canto Pop Diva and Actress who was known for her stage presence which is reminiscent of Madonna and presently Lady Gaga.Sadly she died of cancer in December 2003.However it is her strength,courage and charisma that her fans must keep her legacy forever,as she 'married' them in her farewell concert Voice from The Soul.Below in her own words from the clip she says emotional and powerful words:

Do I look beautiful in a wedding dress?
but the time for the wedding has passed,
I had several chances to put on a wedding dress but I missed it.
Every lady's dream is:
to possess her own wedding dress,to have her own wedding.
I believe,I,Myself,don't have a chance.
I am a Singer and Actress.
About the wedding dress,it's not my first time I have put it on,
but everytime,it doesn't belong to me.
Finally,I told my work partner,I do really want to put on for only one time.
It doesn't matter that nobody is marrying me,make me my own weding dress.
To show everbody that this one really belongs to me.
Finally,look,I have my own,it's simple but red carpet.
Maybe for for one night,maybe for the whole concert night.
Thereafter,it will be in storage,to give to one of you.
So is the the life:
sometimes,you thought you will have,but it's simply against your wish.
I thought I could marry when I was 28 or before 30,
I wish I could have my own family and children when I was 32,but neither.
Finally,I have reached 40,
What do I have?
I have you(my fans)
but I have a warning from my heart,
if you fall in love,have a relationship,don't doubt too long,otherwise if doubt too long,your partner will be gone.
dating,living together,enough?No
A woman and man's dream is different,
woman wish is:to have own family,to have a good husband who loves her,
to have a whole life companion,till the end of life.
but whatever you do,no matter how hard you try,how hard you make effort,trying to work it out,it's just vain,nothing.
No problem,I can wait for Beckham,wait for his divorce.
But waiting for Andy Lau,is more than difficult,he is celibate(no intention of marriage).
The last song f my concert,is meaningful,including the Voice of my heart and soul.
But I wanna tell you from my heart,
although the sunset is beautiful,it is gone in seconds,becomes the past.
So we have to treasure each minute and second.
I wish I could tell all of you,the sunset is amazing,but it approaches the dust.

She then sang in her language,The Manhattan-Kiss and Say Goodbye.

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  1. very surprised to see a post featuring these two idols of an age, and reminds all those beautiful songs and the sad story between leslie and his partner ... keep up the good work:)