Thursday, September 16, 2010

African Goddess of Soul

Simphiwe Dana is one of the best African jazz singers,with a soulful voice that transports you to a mysterious and calm place.Her intriguing and compelling connection to African roots makes her music deep without loosing modernity and still maintaining a fresh sound.

Above are shots from her new album Kulture Noir which are so captivating and echoes an element of darkness.Can't wait to get lay my hands on the album!!!

Check the video to one of her popular songs from her award winning album 'Zandisile'

Moving On

If you haven’t changed your mind,

Now i have to move on.

Stayed in the shadows for long,

Thought you would see the light.

Though its like a knife in the heart,

In the night,the pain will eventually melt away.

Its makes no sense,

To cultivate a barren land,


A heart waits for love and to love.

credits Bloodrose

Monday, September 13, 2010

Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over (2010 Version)

The Best of VMA 2010

Lady Gaga was the Lady of the night taking home 8 awards.She didn’t forget to inject the VMA with her over the top and dramatic fashion ensembles.The Alexander McQueen is just so major.Her speeches were so emotional and she thanked her ‘little monsters’ over and over again.Love or hate her,she is at the top of her game.

Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine,literally dazzled in a Givenchy number and gave a hearwarming performance of their hit’Dog Days Are Over'.

Kanye West brought his best self, looking all donned up in a red suit and a matching performance to go with it.

Credits:Nicola Formichetti,Upscale Hype

Its official,Victoria Beckham-Fashion Designer

showstopper and great draping

For her spring collection she stays true to her classic and structured style philosophy which echoes the concept of 'fashion fades,style is eternal'.Most of her dresses reflects her understanding of a sexy and subtle woman who exudes class and confidence.This time around she introduced her handbag collection,which draws inspiration from her beloved 'Birkin bag'.There is no doubt thatVictoria Beckham is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Rose In The Sky

Blizzard of the snow storm,

Hearts lying side by side,

Fighting for unison.

Deep down the souls long to connect,

Alas tis a matter of time.

Tongue stuck with three little words,

The flight time is now.

He wanders like a lost ewe,

Now he wishes to have said it,

He looks around, crying silently like a tortured soul.

He choose to fill a drum with holes,

Reality clears like the morning mist.

The flight disappears through the tower glass,

Petals flying in the wind.

In his world,

The petals drips blood.

only if had borrowed time,

time for a simple ala carte meal in KFC,

hour comedy at GSC,

a ‘free’ stroll in Chinatown,

a night in a rundown motel,

he didn’t have to buy the moon.

image via yahoo